Oh Why, Oh Why Would Someone Do This to a BMW 8-Series Coupe?

It's hard to believe just by looking at well-preserved examples, but next year, the BMW 8-Series coupe will be a quarter of a century old as it debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) in September of 1989, remaining in production for a decade.

It's also hard to believe that someone would spend time, effort and money to transform a 1993 850i into an odd-looking caricature (and that's a huge understatement) like the one pictured here.

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BMW Driver Discovers that You Cant’s go Too Far with a Clamper on Your Wheel…

No one likes to see their car clamped down, regardless if they deserve it or not, but once it happens, the only other thing you can really do besides paying the ticket is to complain about it.

Well, at least these are the options for someone rational, because you could always defy logic and attempt something stupid like drive away with one of your wheels locked in the clamp, which is precisely what an elderly man from Dublin, Ireland, tried to do in a BMW 5-Series Touring (E39).

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In Russia, an Accident is Never Really Over Until the Fat Lada Swings By…

If you make it out alive and unhurt from one accident, you can consider yourself lucky, but if you do the same twice in the same instance, it's nothing short of a miracle.

This driver was travelling on the road (in Russia, according to the poster and one of the car's license plates) minding his own business when a Mitsubishi Lancer sedan coming from the opposite side lost traction and swerved into his lane.

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The McLaren MP4-28 Gets A Nose Job And A New Wheelman

Woking had a party today as the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team revealed its newest Formula-1 car, the MP4-28. They even fired up some of the old race cars in the house, which is always nice to see (and hear). Next to McLaren's star driver Jenson Button was young Sergio Perez instead of Lewis Hamilton, who was quick to assure everybody that his only goal is to become World Champion in the 2013 season... you hate to see an athlete with such small ambitions. More »

When 70 Horsepower Meant The World

Seventy horsepower is considered to be such a low figure nowadays that in some cases, mechanically identical engines can make 70 more or 70 less horsepower depending on how the engine management software is setup. But back in the seventies, cars in Europe were light as a feather, and 70 horsepower could indeed make them fly. More »

Nissan: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Are EVs Ideal For The Open Roads

Following this week’s news of Nissan teaming up with Daimler and Ford to launch independently branded affordable mass-market fuel cell electric cars in just four short years from now, Nissan’s COO Toshiyuki Shiga shed some light on the pending electrified vehicle paradigm.

From the sidelines of Nissan showing its new day care center at its Yokohama headquarters to reporters, Nissan’s made a comment that should resonate well with American customers:

“Fuel-cell technology is suited for use in large vehicles and long-distance driving,” Shiga said, in answer to a reporter who asked whether Nissan’s new collaboration would eat into Leaf sales. EVs are small vehicles and given present limitations, are positioned best for for short range driving.

Toshiyuki Shiga

On the other hand, Hydrogen-powered vehicles – which are essentially EVs with a hydrogen-charged battery – can already last longer on a single tank than most gasoline-powered cars. They also can be filled-up just as fast as a gasoline-powered car. Limited range and charge times of many hours will keep BEVs in the small niche they are unless someone comes up with a new battery technology.

I went to Yokohama to take pictures of Shiga with cute Japanese babies on both arms. There were none, the kindergarten won’t open for business until April. It shall be ignored until Nissan offers me a photo op for cute baby pictures.

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Inside Koenigsegg Goes… Inside The Koenigsegg: Video

As we’ve seen in previous installments of the Inside Koenigsegg video series, the Swedish automaker overlooks no detail with the Agera R’s paint, suspension and carbon fiber body. Given the supercar’s high-end price point, you’d expect nothing less on the inside, which represents the interface between driver and car. Every...

Top Gear Returns for 19th Season, Pagani Huayra Smashes Ariel Atom V8 Lap Record

Some say that it’s getting a bit old inserting the “some say” joke in Top Gear stories, so we’ll just get down to business. As you may probably have heard, the world’s most (in)famous TV car show is back for its 19th season.

Even though the three hosts teased us about what was about to come, and after watching them for so long, we’ve come to expect almost everything, the season premiere that aired on Sunday, 27 January on UK’s BBC Two managed to throw quite a surprise.

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A123 Systems Sale to Wanxiang Group Approved by U.S. Government

A123 Systems Sale to Wanxiang Group Approved by U.S. Government A123 Systems Sale to Wanxiang Group Approved by U.S. Government
Wanxiang Group’s purchase of A123 Systems Inc. has been approved by the U.S. government, despite concerns of sensitive technology being transferred to China. China’s largest auto parts maker bid about $257 million, which won against U.S. rival Johnson Controls Inc. for A123 Systems, which filed for bankruptcy in October. A123 previously had received a $249... more

Life Can be Full of Surprises when You’re Driving on Russian Roads

Come on, just admit it, there's no reason to be ashamed; you missed watching all those whacky videos from Russia on CarScoop while we were fighting against Google's devious bureaucratic operations the past few days.

So, to make up for it, we plunged into the depths of YouTube dodging the expected and looking for the unexpected – fear not, you'll soon see for yourself what we mean by that.

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