Faraday Future Video Suggests Its Pending Prototype Will Be High Performance

Faraday Future has released another teaser video with four days remaining until its Jan. 4 revelation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Unlike previous whispers of suggestions as to what this vehicle will actually be, this one caters to the idea that it will be able to take a curvy road. Does that also imply it will be fast?

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The company is backed by billionaire Jia Yueting, founder and CEO of LeTV, and has an agreement with Nevada to receive $335 million in public aid for a $1 billion factory it says will quickly hire 4,500 employees.

You don't show a racetrack's S bends in your video unless you are saying the car can quickly rip through them, do you?

You don’t show a racetrack’s S bends in your video unless you are saying the car can rip through them, do you?

Tension has built and myriad articles out there are invoking inevitable comparisons to Tesla. Whether this will be fully deserved other than obvious similarities has yet to be determined.

Faraday Future, alternately known as FF, has made extremely bold declarations to the effect it will virtually reinvent the car.

“We plan to revolutionize the automobile industry by creating an integrated, intelligent mobility system that protects the earth and improves the living environment of mankind,” said Yueting in a letter to Nevada officials.

Another racetrack shot. That means it's fast, right?

Another racetrack shot. That means it’s fast, right?

In the video, the briefest of blurry glimpses of a car do suggest some evocative lines as well as a full frontal light bar instead of paired headlights. An S-bend is also shown, implying drivers will be satisfied while the company has said things like “What if the back seat was the new front seat?”

The answer to this question and – as info-starved people express hope or skepticism – possibly many other questions besides may be answered this Monday at 8 p.m. Pacific time.

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