Elon Musk Is At It Again With Another Wild Transportation Idea – Video

Sooner or later we’re going to have to take Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s wild ideas seriously.

In the automotive world, Musk is most known for running Tesla, an American automaker that has defied expectations to produce some of the most popular electric vehicles in the world. But Musk has several other ventures as well, with SpaceX being his most notable one. With that company, Musk seemingly defied all odds by not only landing a rocket at sea, but relaunching it and having it land successfully again. Some say that at the time Musk proposed the idea of reusing a rocket, it was very ambitious – but SpaceX has made it real.

For a while now, Musk has complained about how terrible traffic is in Los Angeles. At first, it seemed like he was joking about the idea of digging a tunnel just to make his commute easier because he was so sick of traffic. But then he posted pictures of a boring machine digging in the SpaceX parking lot and revealed his plans of creating a network with up to 30 levels of tunnels that could accommodate cars and trains. Cars would enter at street level, be transported down to the tunnels via an elevator and slide around on platforms to their destinations. It looks like a giant slot car track, and the whole process would be automated and would require minimal driver intervention.

That sounds like science fiction, but now The Boring Company has shared a video of the vision and what it hopes it can one day successfully execute. Essentially, it would be a network of tunnels underneath Los Angeles that cars could use to avoid traffic on the surface. Like his other ideas, it may seem far-fetched, but if this becomes reality, it could change some lives forever. Sure, re-using a rocket doesn’t exactly impact normal people on a daily basis, but for those that live in Los Angeles, the idea of traveling up to 124 mph (200 km/h) underground without having to pay attention to the road would be a dream come true. Check out the video above.

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Tesla Semi Truck Teased At TED Conference

Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave a small preview of the automaker’s upcoming semi truck.

Earlier this month, Musk took to Twitter to spill some details on the semi truck, saying it’s “seriously next level” and that it would debut in September. But that’s a few months away and Musk didn’t want to wait that long to tease the next vehicle from the American automaker. The teaser image was shown at a TED talk at the 2017 TED Conference in Vancouver and although it doesn’t show much, it does give us an idea of the futuristic style Tesla is shooting for.

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Interestingly there aren’t any mirrors on the teaser image, so Tesla could be thinking ahead and incorporating a sophisticated camera system. Then again, the automaker might just be building the semi truck to be fully autonomous, making mirrors unnecessary. Musk alluded to something similar when someone asked him on Twitter about a traditional speedometer on the Tesla Model 3, which will only have one screen in the center of the dash. Musk replied saying “The more autonomous a car is, the less dash info you need. How often do you look at the instrument panel when being driven in a taxi?” In a way, the same logic could be applied to side mirrors, if the semi truck is fully self driving.

For now there aren’t very many details on the semi truck, but Jalopnik reports Musk said it is “spry” and it can be driven like a sports car.

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Elon Musk Meets Vice Premier As China Takes Tesla Seriously

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s surprise meeting with a top Chinese official indicates the electric automaker has big plans in store for that country.

Late Tuesday, China’s official news agency posted a tweet with a photo of Musk meeting Chinese vice premier Wang Yang in a formal setting.

The government is taking Tesla seriously. It’s the first time Wang has ever met an automaker CEO alone, according to Li Anding, a former automotive reporter for China’s Xinhua news service who now consults with automakers on doing business in China.

“Wang usually meets with groups of people,” Li said.

The meeting shown on the Twitter post (same photo pictured at top) sends a message that the government is crediting Tesla more than most. Li also thinks Tesla is serving as a good example to consumers worried about long charging times and a bad driving experience in an electric vehicle, he said.

Li predicts that the meeting is a clear sign Tesla is in talks with the government about forming a joint venture to locally produce cars. That would remove the steep 25-percent tariff Tesla currently pays on its imported cars to that market.

Joint ventures are the norm in China these days with majors like General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, and others having set up these relationships several years ago.

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A Chinese joint venture would reduce the price of a Tesla model and make it more competitive. It would also be a way for the U.S. automaker to meet its years-long goal of finding land and setting up vehicle production plants in China to reduce costs.

The electric carmaker is looking for partners. A high-level official from China’s auto lobby told Fortune Tesla is in the middle off holding meetings with potential partners in Chinese cities. Musk’s meeting with Wang, who previously headed the Guandong province, is bringing up speculation that the province is a potential site for Tesla to set up shop.

China is a vital market for Tesla, as Musk has said in the past. The company earned $1 billion in revenue there last year, compared to $4.2 billion in the U.S. For that revenue to grow profitably in China, Tesla will need to be well positioned for making and delivering its electric vehicles.

Competition is coming from luxury makers, such as the BMW Brilliance alliance, which allows the German automaker to sell luxury vehicles in that market. Then there’s BYD, the largest EV maker in the China and globally. As the Tesla Model 3 rolls out, Tesla will be well positioned to go after BYD’s customers.




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Cat Asserts Its Dominance Over The Philadelphia K9 Unit

This is a cat on top of a police car. But it’s not just any police car. This anarchist cat decided to hop onto a car belonging to the Philadelphia Police Department’s K9 unit, ignoring the cautionary “police dog” warning letters as aloofly as a cat could—because cats rule and dogs drool, if you missed this feline’s…


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