Fisker EMotion Video Aims to Stoke Your Emotions

Fisker, Inc. launched pre-orders for its all-electric EMotion yesterday with a new video aimed at stirring enthusiasm.

The EMotion’s base price is $129,500. Reservations are $2,000, and limited to two per person. The carmaker reassures that deposits are fully refundable.

An email was sent yesterday to interested parties on the Emotion list encouraging fans to “Join the movement!” Themes shown with car photos included disruptive technology, moving boundaries, emotionally exhilarating, and sophisticated and sexy.

The emotional experience is the theme of the video, “Fisker Emotion – Electrifying Emotions.” That taps into the passionate audience Fisker had previously built for the now-defunct Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid sports car.

One of them, named Fidget Deez, left such a comment on the Vimeo page:

“I am placing my reserve this week as I just let go of my last model Fisker Karma Eco Chic today! Design, efficiency, and performance make this a beautiful masterpiece of an EV option and I really cannot wait to get mine ordered!”

Fisker EMotion – Electrifying Emotions from Eric Graciano on Vimeo.

The new video starts with in-studio exterior panning shots of shining corners and curves. The innovative brake and headlights flash on.

Next you can view the EMotion parked on a highway with wind turbines churning in the breeze, and the sports car’s details shimmering in the sunshine. It was likely shot on the way to the Palm Spring resort town in Southern California, with Fisker’s corporate headquarters not far away in Los Angeles.

Company founder Henrik Fisker has emphasized the company’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions with its all-electric supercar that can be powered by renewable energy like wind and solar.

The video shows the recognized Fisker emblem and a new etching for the EMotion badge.

A song called “You’re So Fine,” plays in the background to raise more excitement for the launch.

More announcements will be sent out to fans and media in the days ahead, such as when and where you can pick up on the first deliveries of the EMotion. Fisker had said that the first deliveries will be announced after the vehicle is shown in mid-2017. That could mean the delivery schedule will come out soon.

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The company did send out specifications and three display photos earlier this month.

The EMotion’s 400 miles of range per charge has been a top selling point for the company, along with hitting a top speed of 161 mph.

Going lightweight with advanced aerodynamic design is behind the long range the electric car will meet. That’s being accomplished by using carbon fiber and aluminum.

Henrik Fisker has brought performance car design background to the EMotion through emphasis place on shape and design appropriate for high performance, safety, comfort, and convenience.

The stylish aluminum wheels are also represented in the video. These were designed with Fisker’s partner, racing wheel maker Dymag.

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Musk Tweets Tesla Model 3 News Coming This Sunday

Tesla may reveal the release date of the Model 3 this Sunday, according to a Twitter post by CEO Elon Musk.

Late last night, Musk tweeted about more news being revealed on Sunday.

Production is expected to start in late July. Musk has said that a production version will be shown off during that month.

Deliveries will potentially begin before the end of the year, but Tesla has held back on being specific.

In mid-July, Tesla updated its website to reach out to those with pre-orders offering test drives beginning late this year. That implies the late 2017 delivery launch will be met.

Douglas Bailey, who identifies himself a business intelligence analyst, spoke for many Tesla fans and other electric car lovers who’ve been waiting impatiently for the reveal in his tweet.

“News on Sunday” means that Musk could reveal any one of several possible news items, including the date production starts, more specs for the Model 3, or a special launch event planned for late this year.

Earlier this month, Musk told shareholders at their annual meeting that production will definitely start in July. Customers can customize their order, but only for color option chosen andwheel size. More options will be revealed as production ramps up, he said.

Last month, a product sheet was leaked onto the Model 3 Owners Club forum that compared the Model 3’s performance parameters and features with those of the Model S.

It will go from 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds, compared to 5.0 seconds for the Model S 75.

The Model 3 won’t be much shorter than the Model S, with the Model 3 measuring in at 184.8 inches long while the Model S is 196 inches long.

That means the Model S will be just a foot longer than the Model 3 – which further raises the question of whether the Model 3 will be a smaller version of the Model S.

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It won’t have the cargo volume of the larger luxury sedan. The Model S has more than twice the space at 30 cubic feet of cargo volume, versus 14 cubic feet for the Model 3, according to the leaked specs.

Interest will be high on Sunday, especially for the more than 400,000 buyers who put down pre-orders on the Model 3.


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