Ken Block might be filming Gymkhana 10 in Detroit

Ken Block spotted filming in Detroit, MichiganKen Block and his Hoonigan crew broke away from the Gymkhana series with the recent "Climbkhana" production at Pikes Peak. However, Gymkhana 10 could be on the horizon, and Detroit, Michigan, might play host. YouTuber Revin captured footage of Block and his 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR racing and drifting through metro Detroit streets, which...
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2019 Audi A7 preview

2019 Audi A7The 2019 Audi A7 finally broke cover Thursday in Germany, the second generation for the sleek luxury sedan that set the world on fire with its daring silhouette. The four-door fastback sedan likely goes on sale in the U.S. sometime late next year, although details about the sedan were few and far between. The second-generation sedan has a long...
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All-New Toyota Prius V Spied Track Testing

Rumors have been that Toyota will discontinue the Prius v wagon but if spy photos are any indicator, declarations of its pending demise are greatly exaggerated.

The Japanese automaker was recently seen testing a mule at the Nurburgring in Germany that was disguised with borrowed parts from the Lexus NX, fake tail lights and the front end from the new Prius.

No, it was not seeking to set a new lap record, but the long track does provide an excellent opportunity to push the vehicle as hard as would be expected by a caffeined-out parent with child late to soccer practice.

The new Prius v, called the Prius + in Europe, could have what it takes for such excursions, as a 215 horsepower improved 1.5-liter hybrid powertrain is considered “likely.”

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The base Prius has just 121 horses, so this would help the plus-sized car which is ultimately expected to have “more extreme” funky styling taken from the present Prius Liftback’s playbook, according to the spy photogs who nabbed these photos.

There’s no word on whether Toyota will be really accommodating to American desires and give it the E-Four AWD system that’s only a $1,500 option on the Prius in Japan, but which it leaves off here.

No word also on whether a plug-in version would be announced.

Otherwise, the current Prius v originated in 2011 is getting long in the tooth, and its U.S. sales have withered to maybe a third of what they were a couple years ago as its AWD cousin steals the show.

Namely, Americans are actually accepting less than the FWD Prius v’s 41 mpg and opting in far greater numbers for the 32-mpg RAV4 Hybrid, which though it’s more thirsty, does offer contemporary crossover styling and AWD.

Where hope may still lie is that Toyota will markedly improve the fuel economy up around the 50 mpg region, as it did with the Camry this year. Assuming they take feedback from the many detractors of the current Prius Liftback’s styling, and make it suitably attractive, it could be a solid proposition.

The second-generation Prius v could be introduced next year as a 2019 model.

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Hennessey Venom F5 coming Nov. 1; might hit 300 mph, destroy Chiron?

Hennessey Venom F5Just over three years ago Hennessey Performance Engineering announced to the world it was beginning work on a world-beating hypercar called the Venom F5. On Thursday, the Texas performance shop told the world the wait is nearly over, the F5 will be unveiled at SEMA on November 1. Designed using a bespoke chassis that is both designed and...
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The DFL Show: Episode 75 – Dick Stephane

In this episode of the DFL Show, Brad and Eric are around to discuss a number of things. Eric was at a Lemons race in Michigan, and Brad went to the horrible shenanigans known as the 8 hours of California. Brad has lots of opinions about the race that went ...
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