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2000 Hummer H1

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Do you like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Do you like Hummers? Then you will like this H1. The H1 is the ORIGINAL “consumer” Hummer. The H1 is based on the M998 “Humvee” and was made from 1992-2006. The H1 featured a 5.7-6.6L diesel depending on the year which was mated to a 3,4,or 5 speed automatic transmission, also depending on the year. They all had the superior ground clearance, departure angles, air snorkel and the alloy insert based run-flats. Unlike the military version, the interiors were nicely appointed and had all the typical GM electronics and power features. This particular example was worked over by Hummercore out of California. This H1 has 48k miles and according to the ad, Hummercore works over the body, paint, interior and the motor/transmission to make it top notch.

Check it out here on Ebay: Hummer H1

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