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Kubota G4200 Diesel tractor

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Normally we publish cars and trucks, but I think its some time for something else! Kubota is a Japanese manufacturer of light, medium and heavy duty tractors and power equipment. They have been around since 1890! Kubota tractors are well known for their reliability and durability. Some farms have had the same tractor going for 40+ years. The G4200 was Kubota’s foray into homeowner type tractors. They were made from 1984-1990. They were equipped with a 2-cylinder 12HP diesel motor. They are 2WD with a 3-speed hydro-static transmission. They could be outfitted with a 44″ mowing deck, plow blade, and/or snow thrower. This little tractor can pull up to 1540lbs!! This was the model to get if you were looking for a high end lawn/garden tractor and you didn’t need to step up to a compact tractor. What would make this even better is if it had PTO or hydraulics and luckily there were some aftermarket companies that sold upgrades to make it so. The tractor in the ad would make a nice little snow remover. Even though its a little rough looking its actually in VERY good shape considering how old it is. I would add it to my fleet if I had the room!

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