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2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon “Mini Brute”

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Check out this nifty little jeep/pickup. This was a build by a firm called Spyder Offroad and it looks pretty legit. They basically took an 05 Rubicon (with 3k miles on it), swapped out the motor with an 80’s Mercedes Turbo Diesel engine, as well as turning it into a mini-pickup truck. As we know the Mercedes TD motor is bulletproof, so when you add that to a Jeep, you get a nice rugged combo. There are a TON of mods on it, but here is the short list: Complete Teraflex kit, 4.10 gears, Cooper El Dorado 35″ tires, Rubicon axles, transfer case and lockers as well as a bunch of electronics and body mods.

Here it is on Ebay: 2005 Rubicon

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